Deviled Eggs

By Staff |


10 eggs

16 oz.  mayonnaise 

1T sriracha 

1 pinch cayenne 

Salt TT

1 oz . Onion jam

1 tsp Fried capers

1tsp Pickled red onion

For Onion Jam

2 ea onions

1oz. molasses

1oz. mustard seeds

Salt To Taste



  • Cook eggs for 10 minutes

  • Slice in halves lengthwise. Put yolks in food processor and combine with the mayonnaise sriracha salt cayenne.

  • Cook onions on medium heat in a rondeau once they start to caramelize add mustard seeds and molasses.

  • Put onion jam on the inside of the egg white then pipe yolks add capers and pickled red onion.