Weekend Cocktail: Fuzzy Marcat Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

The Fuzzy Navel cocktail rose to fame in the 1980s, a simple mixture of Peach Schnapps andOrange Juice. It’s unusual name comes from the “fuzzy” texture of peach skin and the “navel” on an orange. 

There are a few ingredient changes that you can make to this traditional recipe to gussy it up and get the most out of the fresh ingredients available to you! Oranges and peaches are best eaten in their natural season for texture and taste. Sweet oranges that are used for juice, such as Valencia or Murcia oranges, are in season in the spring and summer. The most flavorful peaches come into season around June.

Instead of orange juice, Orangina is a popular French orange-flavored soda. If your local grocery store does not stock it, try a European specialty store since it really is a unique beverage. This year marks its 75th anniversary!

The Fuzzy Marcat was invented by a friend of mine, Jennicat, and her friend Amara. They combined their names to memorialize their delicious cocktail invention.



    1 oz White Rum

    1 oz Peach Schnapps

    Sliced Peach

    Sliced Orange



    Photo: Lindsay Hunt

    Fill a highball cocktail glass with ice. Pour in the Peach Schnapps and White Rum. Fill the rest with Orangina and stir. Add a slice each of peach and orange to the rim for garnish.