Vegan Super Duper Green Kale Smoothie Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson |

If you’re not quite ready for the green monster, I’m offering up a tamer smoothie that is oh so pretty in color and very pleasing on the palate too, tomorrow. This pretty in pink ‘Five-A-Day Smoothie’ is a much more delicate affair with a selection of fruits (none of them too exotic) and with the inclusion of Echinacea, is your best bet at warding off any unwanted flu’s or colds – even in Summer you can never be too complacent.

I’ve included cinnamon in both – I’m a huge (make that massive) cinnamon fan. Personally I believe it gives the smoothies a certain edge and helps to bring out the natural flavors of the fruits. If you have an aversion to cinnamon or just simply don’t have any on hand, then feel free to leave it out. With regards to the agave, you can substitute it with whichever sweetener you prefer but omitting it completely will definitely alter the overall taste. The vanilla extract is also essential but make sure it is exactly that – extract. In my opinion, vanilla flavoring isn’t in keeping with the cleansing nature of these smoothies.

With two smoothies to choose from there should be something to suit everyone (at least I hope so!). If you’re up for a challenge, be brave and test-drive the kale smoothie. You have my guarantee: this is one drink where the color does not reflect the awesomeness of the taste and should you want a serious spring in your step this is absolutely the way to go….

Check back tomorrow for the Five-A-Day Smoothie Recipe! For today, try this delicious and healthy Super Duper Green Kale Smoothie Recipe.

It’s kinda impossible to make this drink look pretty – I tried and failed. Good thing it tastes good.


small bunch of kale, (approx 2 cups)

1 kiwi

handful of frozen mixed berries

juice 1/2 lemon

juice 1 lime

1/2 cup açaì berry juice

1/2 cup filtered water

1 tbsp agave nectar (or any vegan sweetener)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon


Photo: Aine Carlin

1. Wash and chop the kale, removing any hard stalks. Put into blender.

2. Peel and chop the kiwi and also add to blender along with the frozen berries.

3. Juice the lemon and lime and pour into blender. Add the acai berry juice, water and sweetener, and cinnamon.

4. Blend, blend and blend until the smoothie is as smooth as you can get it. If you'd like to thin it out a bit add some more water. Blend some more and serve.