The Taste of Summer: S’mores Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

As a sticky-fingered, s’mores-loving kid, I would stuff myself at any occasion to combine graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. A summertime-only occurrence, s’mores were the stuff of childhood love. They required bit of dexterity, too, which challenged the budding baker in me. You had to squeeze just hard enough to burst the oozing marshmallows and melt the chocolate, but not too hard that the perforated crackers would snap.

I never had enough patience to get that perfectly browned, melting marshmallow consistency. The one that only comes if you hold the marshmallow on the end of the hanger or stick just close enough to the flames that it gets hot, but not so close that it sets on fire. I couldn’t do that, I wasn’t patient enough. No, I just thrust the three-marshmallow-speared stick into the flames and set them alight. The exterior charred quickly, leaving a molten marshmallow interior to ooze onto the chocolate. A perfect s’more in my book, charred, tasting of the fire and summer.

I may not have a bonfire or a campfire at the ready, but as it is summer at last, I made a stovetop rendition to toast warm weather and childhood classics. Try your own this weekend!


2 Homemade Graham Crackers

1/3 bar high-quality milk or dark chocolate

3 marshmallows

A Stick or untwisted hanger


  Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

1. Place the chocolate on one graham cracker. Set the other aside.

2. Toast three marshmallows over an open flame. If you're doing this on a stovetop burner, remove the grate before proceeding. If you have patience, toast until golden. If you're a burner, set aflame and blow out the smoke.

3. Transfer the marshmallows to the chocolate-topped cracker. Place the second graham cracker on top of the marshmallows, press lightly and eat!