Refreshing Lychee Martini Cocktail Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson |

The lychee is a subtropical fruit native to China that has grown in popularity in the United States over the past few years. It is a spiky reddish sphere with an inedible exterior that is filled with a meaty, white pulp. That may not sound appetizing at first, but take one whiff of this fruit’s aroma and you’ll be seduced.

Lychees are cultivated across Southeast Asia and in Hawai’i and Florida as well. In its native lands, lychee have long been considered a delicacy. These sweet treats are a great source of phosphorus and potassium and go uncannily well with vodka.

The lychee martini has charmed palettes around the world and it’s time it be introduced into your cocktail repertoire! One of the most important parts of the Lychee Martini is the source of the lychee flavor, so for the best chance of finding one the these ingredients, I’ve given you three tasty options.


2 ounces vodka

11/2 oz lychee juice, lychee syrup, or lychee liquor

1 lychee peeled and pitted*



Photo: sugre

In a martini shaker, mix the ice, vodka, and lychee juice. Shake for 10-15 seconds and strain. Put the fresh lychee into the bottom of a martini glass and strain the martini mixture on top of it.

*If you cannot find fresh lychees (their season in Florida is May to June), frozen ones generally retain good flavor