Kir Royale Recipe

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Looking for a good drink to spice up your brunch this weekend? Well if you’re tired of the plain ol’ mimosa, why not trade the orange juice for some blackcurrant and create a Champagne cocktail fit for royalty- the Kir Royale of course! Named after Felix Kir (mayor of Dijon in Burgundy), the cocktail was a way to showcase two great products from his region after World War II, creme de cassis and white wine.

Creme de cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur, but the Kir is also made in France with blackberry or peach. The Royale variation came into play when Champagne was replaced for the white wine. This tangy Champagne cocktail is the perfect weekend brunch drink for all those that want a touch of royalty in their life.

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Creme de cassis liqueur
Champagne, chilled


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  1. Pour 1 teaspoon of cassis into each Champagne flute and then fill each glass with Champagne. Serve immediately.