Jerk Cauliflower: Quinoa, Morels, Collards, Beets

By Marcus Samuelsson |

Prep Details

Servings: Yield: 8 portions


For Plating

¼ Jerk Cauliflower head (roasted and glazed in jerk sauce)

1.5 oz. Beet Cauliflower puree

2 oz. Collard greens

2 oz. Quinoa (white)

1 oz. Morel mushrooms

For the Jerk Cauliflower

Yield: 8 portions

2 Heads Cauliflower

8 oz. Jerk sauce

2 oz Olive oil

Morel Mushrooms

2 oz. Morel (fresh or Dry)

.5 oz. shallots

.5 oz. garlic

2 oz. White wine

.5 oz. Oil

salt to taste


16 oz. Quinoa

32 oz. water

Salt to taste

Beet/ Cauliflower puree

2 oz. Beets (cooked)

16 oz. Cauliflower

10 oz. Coconut milk

Salt to taste

Collard greens

9 K Collards

7 oz. sweet onion, sliced

1.5 oz. garlic, minced

17oz. brown sugar

32 oz. vinegar, apple cider

64 oz. water

Spice Butter

1 K butter, soft, plus ¼ lb

1.5 oz. Aleppo pepper

20 pc green cardamom

6 pc bay leaf, fresh

6 pc cinnamon sticks

1.5 oz. fennel seeds, ground

1 oz. fenugreek, ground

1 oz. cumin, ground

salt to taste

Jerk Sauce

10 ea garlic cloves

2 bu scallions

3 ea scotch bonnets

1 c brown sugar

1 T all spice

1 T cinnamon

½ c soy

3 oz. Ginger

1/3 c molasses

½ c Meyer’s rum

1 c EVO

¼ c kosher salt


For Plating

On a plate place the warm Beet puree on the plate forming a large circle, then place the collard greens, morel mushrooms and quinoa. Place the roasted Cauliflower on top. Garnish with fresh herbs

For the Jerk Cauliflower

Pre heat an oven at 375 for roasting the cauliflower. Take a skewer and punch holes into the cauliflower allowing the sauce to go through the cauliflower. First season the cauliflower with salt and oil and then roast the vegetable for 10 mins. After 10 mins base the cauliflower with the sauce and cook for another 10 mins. Remove vegetable from the oven and base once more and allow to cool and reserve for service.

Morel Mushrooms

If the mushrooms are dry they need to be hydrated in water for a hour. Once hydrated strain the water through a chinois and reserve the liquid and mushrooms. If fresh mushrooms clean them in a large bowl of water to remove any debris from the shrooms.

Once clean pat dry to remove excess water and then sauté the mushrooms with shallots and garlic first and then deglaze with white wine and season with salt and reserve for service.


In a medium sauce pan bring water to a boil with salt and add the quinoa. Simmer quinoa till done and place on a sheet tray to cool down. Reserve for service

Beet/ Cauliflower puree

In a medium sauce pan place coconut milk and cauliflower and simmer till soft. Once this process is complete transfer to a blender and emulsify smooth and add the beets. Season with salt. Remove puree from container and place in pints container in a ice bath. Reserve for service.

Collard greens

Toasted all the ingredients in a pot with the ¼ lb of butter until aroma is present. Fold into tempered butter and reserve for service.

Directions for cooking the greens

Sweat the onions and garlic with the Kilo of spice butter until onions are translucent, add the brown sugar and cook out for a few minutes. Deglaze with the vinegar and reduce by half, then add the collards and the water and cook for 20 min or until tender. Season and cool for service.

Jerk Sauce

Combine all ingredients and blend