Herbal Tea Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson |

Welcome back everyone! We’re in week three of a four part series on tea. This week we’re exploring herbal teas. Although if we are to be technically correct herbal teas are not made from the Camilla Sinensis leaves and are therefore not a “tea” but a “tisane”. A Tisane is a herbal infusion made from anything other than the leaves of the Camilla Sinensis plant. Simply pour boiling water over dried herbs and flowers.

Tisane dates back to Ancient Egypt were it was recorded it was used medicinally. Currently I’m in a remote village in Honduras where I came to see a medicine man for cleansing and healing. And what I’ve found is that many of the compounds used here are herbal teas

A few nights ago at the village after throwing up the built-up mucous in my system (I was given a special flower for that magic trick!) I was in pain. So they gave me a herbal tea with the Santa Maria bark and almost immediately the pain was gone! It sure beats my old method for getting rid of pain!

Here is one of my favorite herbal tea blends; I recommend making a lot of this then storing it in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and aromas (it will absorb other scents).

Until next time…breathe well and be well!


One part dried chamomile flowers

One part dried lemon grass

One part dried violet flowers

One part dried mint or peppermint

One part Tahitian Gold vanilla beans

One part dried red raspberries


Photo: naama

After mixing the above use two teaspoons per cup of tea, more to taste. Place herbs in a pot with water (spring water is ideal) and bring to a boil (212F). Steep for 5 minutes, strain and be soothed!