Greens, Rice, and Beans (GRAB) Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

This GRAB recipe is for one of my favorite healthy meals and a base for endless combinations, tastes, and flavors. It might not look exciting — at first glance it’s just three foods, three colors.

In fact, GRAB is not so much a recipe as a guide. GRAB stands for Greens, Rice, and Beans, and it forms the trifecta upon which I regularly build dinner. Here are the basics so you can build your own GRAB!

* Greens: Choose any kind of green you like. Pictured is a combination of spinach and collard greens. Other delicious options include arugula, kale, swiss chard, or mustard greens. Saute the greens and season to taste.

* Rice: I usually choose brown rice or Wehani rice, both of which are whole-grains packed with fiber, protein, and more. You can substitute quinoa, spelt, farro, or bulgar wheat. Cook according to package directions.

* Beans: Not only are beans legumes, which means they’re great for digestion, they’re an excellent source of vegetarian protein. Choose any kind of beans for GRAB. I like pinto, adzuki, cannellini, and black beans best. (I usually buy cooked canned beans for ease of preparation.)

This is a filling, inexpensive dinner that can serve as a base for many meals. I topped this particular bowl with Cayenne Pepper Liptauer Spread, arugula, and chopped chives. It’s also great with some grated Parmesan cheese and a fried egg.

How would you serve your GRAB?



Photo: Lindsay Hunt