Coco Ceviche, Grapefruit, Avocado, and Crispy Tortilla Chips

By Marcus Samuelsson |

We serve a version of this recipe at my new restaurant Marcus’ Bermuda inside the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club. We use Wahoo, which is a fish closely related to king mackerel. It is extremely popular in Bermuda,  and many consider Bermuda to be the best place for wahoo fishing in the world. The coconut milk used in the dressing of this ceviche make it different from more traditional ceviches of Latin America and help to temper the heat of the Sriracha and pickled chilis.

Prep Details

Servings: 1

Total time: 5-10 minutes


Avocado Puree

2 avocados

1 Tbsp lime juice

Salt to taste


1 cup coconut milk

2 Tbsp lime juice

1 Tbsp sriracha

1 Tbsp sugar


2 oz wahoo (ono), diced

2 Tbsp cherry tomatoes

2 Tbsp grapefruit, supreme

2 Tbsp dressing

3 Tbsp avocado puree

1/2 tsp pickled chili

2 drops lime juice


For the Avocado Puree:

1. Mix avocado with lime juice and salt until smooth with just a few chunks.

For the Dressing:

1. Combine all ingredients and season with salt.

For Assembly:

1. Plate wahoo in a glass or bowl and mix with dressing. Top with cherry tomatoes, grapefruit, avocado puree, pickled chilis and lime juice to taste.