Chia Cookies Recipe

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I don’t know about you but I always need (alright, want) a little sweet sumthin’ in the afternoon. It doesn’t really matter what it is – it could be a medjool date, a piece of fruit, rice cake with a skim of nut butter and no added sugar jam or a raw bar/ball.

I discovered raw balls well over year ago now and immediately fell in love. Sometimes called fudge babies due to their fantastically chewy texture, these little beauties are great for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. There are endless flavors and combos and I am slowly working my way through them – it’s a hard life.

Like I said there are a thousand variations and I could be here all day recounting the different ones I’ve sampled, so I’ll skip on to the chia cookies. Chia seeds are magnificent. Full of omega-3’s, protein, calcium and other essential minerals, they are blackish grey in color and resemble a poppy seed. You can soak them in water, juice or plant milk to form a gel, add them to porridge (I use them in overnight oats frequently) or eat them raw like in this recipe.

I used a cookie cutter to shape these because I’m a bit of a neat freak because it makes them easy to eat and transport although you could just as well shape them by hand. However you choose to shape them, one thing is for sure, these are a super food snack unlike any other. So what are you waiting for? Get snacking!

Adapted from a Vegetarian Times recipe

Aine Carlin is a vegan blogger who specializes in vegan recipes. She also has a keen interest in vegan fashion and is currently training to be a stylist where she hopes to promote cruelty free clothing and beauty. You can find more of her vegan recipes and vegan friendly fashion over at


1 cup dates, without stones

1/8 cup chia seeds

2 tbsp cacao powder

1/4 cup whole raw almonds

1/2 cup raw slivered almonds

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

dash of almond essence (go easy, as it's very powerful)


Photo: Aine Carlin

Photo: Aine Carlin


1. Put the dates in a hand blender (remember to remove the stone) or food processor and pulse until a paste is formed.

2. Add the whole almonds, cacao powder, chia seeds, vanilla and almond essence. Pulse until everything is combined.

3. Finally, add the slivered almonds and pulse until they are incorporated into the mix.

4. Transfer to a sheet of baking parchment/waxed paper, place another sheet on top and roll out either using a rolling pin or flatten using your hands (this is what I did) - you want the cookies about 1/2 inch thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut out medium sized cookie pieces. Wrap each cookie in baking parchment and refrigerate for several hours before eating (recommended).