Beef with Glogg Reduction

By Marcus Samuelsson |

The theme of Week 3’s episode of the Taste was “Happy Holidays.” To me, this dish screams holiday – it’s perfect for special occasions, entertaining, and it incorporates Glogg, traditional Swedish hot spiced wine.  Check back next week for more recipes, and keep rooting for #TeamMarcus.

Total time: 45 minutes



Ribeye Cap cut into 3 oz piecesDRY AGED



Garlic Confit and Bone marrow

3 cloves garlic(1/2 oz. smashed)

2.5 oz sliced shallot

3.5 oz bone marrow

3 mushrooms, one with stem removed and the other two sliced.

2 oz diced apple

1 oz beef fat, from the dry age

Beef Hearts

Beef Hearts, cold or frozen if possible

1 tsp dark miso

1 tbsp olive oil

2 dash fish sauce

Glogg Reduction with Veal Stock

1/2 cup glogg

½ cup veal stock


For the Ribeye:

Season cap with salt and pepper. Then sear and cook until Medium Rare. Let rest then thinly slice.

For Garlic Confit and Bone marrow:

Cook on low heat, lid on for 45 minutes. Remove garlic and mushroom cap, reserving the cap. Puree and season with salt.

Take 2/3 of this puree and blend with 1/3 potato puree (Yukon gold, pureed, butter and salt etc.)

With the remaining porcini, slice and reserve.

For the Beef Hearts:

Thinly slice the beef hearts when semi frozen, Season the beef hearts with the oil, miso and fish sauce. Then sear beef heart on high heat for 30 seconds.

For Fried Shallot:
Start in cold oil

For Glogg Reduction with Veal Stock:

Combine in small pot, reduce by half over high heat.

1 granny smith apple, cut with smallest ring cutter. Brulee with sugar in the raw. Serve ½ piece per spoon.

Garnish with fried shallot, chives and chopped thyme