A Tribe Called Umoja

By Alyssa Hardy |


2 to 3lb fresh whole black sea bass (head and tail on) (buy from your local fish market & request them to clean it)
2 ears of Fresh corn on the cob
2pc baby bok choy
3 pc Fresh okra
4 pc Baby-carrots
32 oz Vegetable stock (can buy from your local store)
2 tsp Orange marmalade (can buy from your local store)
1tsp unsalted butter
2 oz vegetable oil ( cooking fish)
1 oz Dark rum
1.5 oz Jerk Dry Rub



1. Season the fish with the dry rub inside and out. Let it marinate for an hour.
2. Grill then cut your corn into rounds.
3. Grill Okra whole
4. Blanch your carrots and bok choy in boiling hot salted water for 60 secs then immediately transfer to an ice bath (water and ice) to cool and stop the cooking the process.
5. Sear the fish on a plancha or sauté pan then transfer to a small baking sheet that’s sprayed with butter
6. Sautee your vegetables in butter, veg stock, the orange marmalade, and deglaze with Dark rum then set aside.
7. Stuff seared fish with sautéed veg
8. Bake Stuffed fish for 8 mins

-Place fish on Oval plate, finish with moonshine glaze and top fish with baby arugula.