VIDEO: "Yes, Chef" B-Sides on Harlem Style

Having lived in Harlem for over 10 years, I've seen the changes that have descended upon this neighborhood. Stores have gone up, and Lenox Lounge has come down. Restaurants have been pushed out and boutiques have thrived. Where there are complaints of gentrification, there's a fierce  attitude to hold on to the history. But always and forever, Harlem is always about style. Check out the latest video for "Yes, Chef" B-Sides, taped at Harlem Haberdashery.  Big thanks to Louis Johnson and the Harlem Haberdashery team.

Yes Chef B Sides 2 from Marcus Samuelsson on Vimeo.

Video Producer and Editor: Farrah Shaikh

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Future of Taste: The Motion Picture Experience

October's Future of Taste event with Chef Maxime Bilet brought cutting-edge culinary techniques to diners at Ginny's Supper Club. Along with the Delicious Science demonstration—teaching local schoolchildren—and its ensuing video, we now present the final installment in our Modernist Cuisine series.

Future of Taste from Marcus Samuelsson on Vimeo.

The night's menu was wild—bridging liquid nitrogen and sous-vide cookery with Chef Samuelsson soul-inspired food. We've already outlined the experience of the dinner, but now we can all get an exclusive look into the kitchen that night. See how Ginny's cooks used liquid nitrogen to shuck oysters and create "dippin' dots" ice cream. On the other end of the heat spectrum, Chef Maxime cooked steak in a hot water bath, and then blow-torched the exterior for that tempting Maillard reaction.

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Camera: Joseph Hernandez

Photos: Monika Sziladi, Jeannette Park

Editor: Joel Kahn

Music: Krackatoa Small Radio

Ginny's and Juice: New Fall Cocktails

The leaves are changing, and so is the cocktail menu at Ginny's Supper Club. Fresh for Fall, we've got a whole new roster of autumnal thirst quenchers, including the ginger, earthy "Burgundy Leaf" (garnished with a cinnamon stick), and the "Langston Muse"—a version of a martini infused with lemon and honey.

We've also added two new punches to our repertoire. The "Mena Mena Punch" combines limoncello, moscato, and Sicilian liquer for a warm, comforting beverage experience. For a citrus-filled burst of flavor, our "Nevada Punch" includes grapefruit, lime, and lemon (as well as a good helping of rum) to harken back to the Las Vegas of lore. Also on the citrus side of drinks is "The Big Payback", which packs a wallop of orange in every sip. The Big Payback is based on a couple of sweet aperitifs, gin, and many different orange components for a whole new dimension of that flavorful fruit.

For those lovers of classic cocktails, we're pleased to introduced the "Talented Tenth"—a sophisticated beverage made with two kinds of scotch and two kinds of flower-based liquids. Its blending of hearty scotch and a fragrant bouquet makes this drink suitable to a gentleman-about-town or his gentlewoman. Finally, and perhaps the most seasonally appropriate of our cocktail freshman class is "The 42". It's made with bourbon, Grand Marinier, and vermouth—and topped with a flamed orange peel for kicks.

We invite you to come on in to Ginny's and pick your favorite cocktail for Fall.

Camera: Jeannette Park Editor: Joel Kahn Music: C-Doc

Delicious Science: Watch and Learn

When about 20 students from The Children's Storefront arrived at Ginny's Supper Club, they probably didn't expect a field trip quite like this.

In conjunction with Ginny's Future of Taste event (featuring Maxime Bilet of Modernist Cuisine), the students got a window into the world of science and cooking, and now that experience is presented in a video, for all to enjoy. With a few simple ingredients (and few not-so-simple ones), Chef Maxime shows how to carbonate grapes, make mac + cheese with virtually any dairy delight, and instantly freeze apple pie ice cream. Check out the video above, and take a look at some of the other things we've had to say about the marriage of chemistry and gastronomy.

Camera: Joel Kahn

Editor: Joel Kahn

Music: Anitek Small Radio Son Electronique

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