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Kick-off your holiday shopping uptown at Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Rooster’s Market. This shopping event will feature some of NYC’s up and coming designers, collectors and artists. Come check off your wish list with us and enjoy complimentary mimosas and a special Rooster market menu you’re sure to love! We are still looking for more vendors so send us a message if you’re interested in showcasing your work! Please send all inquiries to



VRA Opens at the Clarion Post

Tucked away behind Norda VRA, which opens September 5, is the latest restaurant to open at the Clarion Post Hotel. The menu, celebrating Scandinavian ingredients kicked up with Japanese flavors, is the brainchild of head chef Frida Ronge.

Where Norda is a tasty microcosm of two great cities--New York and Gothenburg--the dishes at VRA are an ode to Sweden meets Japan in a modern way. Wanting to give diners the most authentic experience, Chef Frida Ronge traveled to Japan to field test these new techniques and flavors. After visiting sake breweries, as well as miso and soy producers, she brought back a more intimate knowledge of VRA’s inspiration country. Her goal? Inspire guests to rethink Swedish and Japanese flavors. Rather than your run-of-the-mill soy sauce accompaniment, expect a flavorful upgrade of the ubiquitous liquid with the addition of kombu, bonito and lemon. Some of the dishes being featured include raw halibut in brown butter, yuzu and smoked roe, smoked trout tartare served with trout skin chips, and gunkan maki with sake boiled clams. The cuisine will be prepared with a contemporary flair, with the highest quality of ingredients at the forefront.

How Much Balut Can You Eat?

balut, MaharlikaThink you can scarf down 18 fertilized duck eggs in five minutes? At a block party and Filipino food festival in Brooklyn this past Saturday, Wayne Algenio did just that.

To celebrate its cultural heritage, Maharlika, a Filipino restaurant billing itself as "Filipino moderno," hosted its inaugural balut-eating competition at Dekalb Market, an outdoor shopping and performance destination in Brooklyn. Balut, or fertilized duck egg, is a street food delicacy in the Philippines. After cracking open the wide end of the egg and peeling back the shell, you'll find the partially developed duckling--bones, feathers and eyes--just waiting to be eaten. Enjoyed all over the Philippines (even by Chef Andrew Zimmern), balut is often considered "bizarre", but it is rich in protein and is often said to be an aphrodisiac.

While the event drew a crowd of hungry competitors looking to make a name for themselves, curious spectators looking for something more palatable enjoyed Cebuano lechon, spit-roasted pork that is also a perennial Filipino favorite. Whether eating balut or pork, the attendees seemed pretty pleased with partaking in what seems to be a new tradition.

The Cebuano lechon over hot coals. 

Photos courtesy of Maharlika and Dekalb Market. Cinemagram courtesy of author. 

Artist Carves Beautiful Trees from McDonald's Bags

David B. Smith Gallery"Whimsical" is one word that can be used to describe artist Yuken Teruya's work. Titled Notice - Forest: What Victory Tastes Like, the New York-based Teruya creates miniature trees from the Olympic's version of McDonald's bags and a bit of glue. The work is stunning: inspired by trees he has seen around his neighborhood and on his travels, Teruya weaves magic out of otherwise disposable bags. Ranging from designer (Paul Smith) to luxury (Laduree), Tekuya's trees are proof positive art can exist anywhere. His work is currently being exhibited at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, CO.

Yuken Teruya

Photos courtesy: Yuken Teruya, David B. Smith Gallery