Scenes from "Yes, Chef" Tour - Part II

The tour took me up and down the West Coast, a 24-hour jaunt to NYC to play Adicup, then back West to Denver before I made my way East through Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, DC, Massachusetts and Florida (I know I’m missing a few in between). Here are more highs and lows from the “Yes, Chef” tour:

Best “I Can’t Get It Out of My Head” Dish: Jamie and Ken’s falukorv pizza at Coppa.

Most Unexpected Fun: Meeting all the young kids and so many little “me’s”, boys and girls from Ethiopia and beyond adopted to American parents.

Proudest Moment: Cooking with John Besh and serving Leah Chase.

Best Mentee/Mentor Moment: Hanging with Seth and Terrence.

Worst Meal: Grabbing a sandwich and eating it in the back of a dirty cab in between signings.

Kindest Gestures: All the people that came with gifts, from art paintings to old menus to someone who thought to bring me hand sanitizer.

Smallest Kitchen with the Most Passion: Michael’s Genuine

Most Impressive: Linton’s incredible harvest celebration. I could really go for some more Ethiopian coffee with butter.

My Almost-Shed-a-Tear Moment: Meeting the people at Atlanta’s City Hall. Thank you, Tracey.

Best “Just Add Me to the List” Event: Thank you, Tom. I was your 177th demo that week.