Dinner with a Legend: Honoring Leah Chase in NOLA

A culinary queen who is decorated with awards just as much as her restaurant is with African-American artifacts, New Orleans Chef Leah Chase will be honored on Friday July 20th at chef John Besh’s August restaurant.  It will be the setting of a demo dinner cooked in conjunction with Marcus, as Chase is showered with the love and respect she's garnered over a span of 60 culinary years.


Chase has inspired the likes of Marcus and other soul food cultivating chefs.  The Dooky Chase commitment to great atmosphere with excelling cuisine can be spotted at Harlem cornerstones like Melba’s and Red Rooster.  The restaurant, named after her late husband, is more than a just spot to eat--it helped pioneer and organize Civil Rights Movement participants in the 1960’s, along with exalting African Americans who have made significant strides.

Sneak a peek at the diverse menu:

1st course: Gravlax on pumpernickle with tomato cream cheese, dill shaved fennel purple mustard 2nd course: Louisiana Popcorn Rice, Stewed Okra, Heirloom Tomatoes and Gulf Shrimp 3rd course: Berbere roasted chicken, rainbow swiss chard, asparagus and peanut slaw Dessert: Chocolate “chess pie” Valrhona feuilletine and peppermint ice cream

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