The Taste's Guest Mentor: Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman  


Jonathan Waxman is the chef and owner of the beloved bistro Barbuto in the West Village. Surrounded by the art of food growing up in Berkeley, with grandparents who owned a farm in Sonoma, Waxman went on to study cooking first in San Francisco and then in Paris. After mastering the fundamentals of classic French cooking, Waxman returned to California, gaining experience at Chez Panisse and Michael's. Ready to find his own place in the culinary world, Waxman moved to his parents' hometown of New York, NY, and went on to open his first restaurant, Jams, which was described by the New York Times' Florence Fabricant as a "culinary comet".

Outside the kitchen, Waxman has published two cookbooks, A Great American Cook (published in 2007) and Italian My Way (published in 2011). Prior to his guest mentorship on season two of The Taste, Waxman has experienced the life as a cheftestant in two seasons of Top Chef Masters. Additionally, Waxman enjoys working with charities such as Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Check out  the recipe for Jonathan Waxman's ale-based chili here.