The Taste's Guest Mentor: Chef Ed Lee

Photo Courtesy of Ed Lee Self-described as "One part Southern soul, one part Asian spice, and one part New York attitude," Chef Edward Lee moved to Louisville, KY from his Brooklyn home in 2002 and set up shop at 610 Magnolia. Using local ingredients and putting his training in NYC kitchens to task at 610 Magnolia, Milkwood (a homey speakeasy), and The Wine Studio (his dining room and cooking class venue), Ed Lee gained national recognition on the ninth season of "Top Chef" filmed in Texas. Considered one of the nicest chefs around by his peers, we look forward to seeing just how nice this Bourbon-loving, culinary darling throws down on The Taste, where he appears as the teams' first guest mentor tonight, January 9th at 8pm EST on ABC.

Click here for the recipe for Ed Lee's Edamame and Boiled Peanuts and pick up his book "Smoke and Pickles".