Making a Mark at Ginny's

We are thrilled to welcome a new member to the Red Rooster family. It’s a mixed media print of an African woman swaying to the swing of our fabulous jazz musicians downstairs at Ginny’s, and it's part of a collection on loan to us by the artist James Denmark.

Denmark grew up in Woodhaven, Florida, and comes from a family of incredible artistic talent. His grandmother’s quilt making and wire sculpting is ever apparent in his quilt-like arrangements and pops of bold pattern. His grandfather’s brick laying (renowned for his unique, custom designed molds), and his mother’s intuitive eye for design and detail were other strong influences that exposed him to line and form at a young age. Despite his sports scholarship to college, he was inevitably destined for the arts.

Other influences range from impressionists works of Jackson Pollock, William DeKooning, and Clifford Still, to pieces of art that revive African roots by Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, and Ernest Crichlow. His art focuses on what is eternal and universal, and he most often generates themes of love, family, work life, male and female. His collages, watercolors, and woodcuts embody the jazz experience of vibrancy and improvisation. And with very fabric-like texture, “His collages are vivid representations of the lives of Black folks in the Diaspora world. Bits and pieces of brightly colored paper take form under his masterful hands and eyes, shaping bits and pieces of fragmented lives into elegant narratives of the folks we are, known or might have known.”

Mr. Denmark has had over 60 one-man exhibitions and has been part of many group shows. His works are a part of several prestigious collections including one of the most notable, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Along with the U.S., his works are well known in Mexico, many parts of Africa and Europe, and Japan. In short, we couldn’t be happier or more proud to be housing many of his pieces at Ginny's, part of a lifelong collection that has inspired so many.

As the art collector Jeffrey Prince states, “This is the power of Denmark's work - one glance and what was lost is immediately found - a whole history, where you come from, where you are and where you are going."

We couldn't agree more.