Jamaica, the land of Bob Marley, the famous Blue Mountain coffee, the beautiful turquoise waters, coral reefs, lush green and natural beauty.

Driving from Negril to Port Antonio, it was easy to understand why Bob Marley sang, "you are in Jamaica, C'mon and smile". The biggest island of the English Caribbean, Jamaica attracts hundreds of thousand of tourists per year to enjoy the sun, the music, the people and the food.

The influences that the Spanish, English, East Indian, Africans, and the Chinese all contributed to the country's unique cuisine. From the escovitch fish, to the spiced flavor of jerk, the variety of curry, the fish tea, salt-fish, Jamaican food bring a diverse and rich culinary delight.

Walking on the street of Discovery Bay is difficult not to smell the fresh Coco bread that just came out of the oven or the famed Jamaican Beef Patty. The experience of the traditional Jamaican "Sunday dinner" is a heritage from the British and is an occasion for families and friends to get together. Rice and peas cooked with coconut milk is the staple dish to be served with brown stew chicken, oxtail, curry chicken, vegetables, fried plantain and other side dishes.

The diversity of the Jamaican people, the worldwide reggae rhythm and the richness of the food will surely surprise any tourist that visit the island. These three elements together incorporate the whole essence of the country creating this amazing place, where I can call a piece of the paradise.

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