Take Time to Smell the Rosé

When thinking wine, the big question always seems to be “Red or White?”  Before you just blurt out a response in reflex, assess the situation.  What time of year is it?  Are you eating or just drinking?  If eating, what food are you in the mood for?

The answer to each of these questions gets you a little closer to the perfect wine for your situation, but there is a way to supersede the inquiry all together:  simply ask for a rosé.

The stigma about rosé as a spring and summer wine is purely dogmatic winery. Description: http://stg.marcuspopfood.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif‘Connoisseurs’ that suggest this seasonal restriction have probably never tasted a good rosé during the winter for fear of breaking the ‘rules’ of wine that have no more to do with wine than manners have to the taste of the food.

The rosé is by far the most versatile wine on the market.  They are fantastic when summer is in full swing and just as refreshing during first and last snowfall.  The perfect medium between red and white, the rosé can be richly aromatic and powerfully textured like Château Jean Faux’s Bordeaux rosé or be clean, crisp, and refreshing as with Tavel’s Château de Trinquevedel .  They can be paired with anything from shellfish to pork to medium rare rib eye.  They augment the crisp freshness of a Waldorf salad and seem akin to oranges, apples, plums, pears and all the berries.

So if your response to the question, “red or white?” is going to be a reflex, do yourself a favor and ask for a rosé.  There is a great chance that you’ll like it with the food, without the food, in the summer, in the winter… simply whenever.