Picnic Basket: Motorcycle Day Trip

  photo: sheridesabeemer

If your mode of transportation is two wheels and if those two wheels are powered by an engine, this ones for you. Now I know that if you ride a motorbike, the stopping and eating part is the least exciting part. However, if you want to bring that special someone along, they most likely will be looking forward to that part the most. So why not make it romantic and delicious! Or even better? Get a group together and make a day of it.

When riding via motorbike, you'll be amazed at what type of spread you'll be able to configure once you get where you're going. So get your backpack ready or strap a picnic basket to the back (I've seen it done) and check out these great food options to fill it up. You will discover that you can easily refuel yourself with better foods than those found at pit stops and gas stations. Not to mention the points you'll score with the one who's along for the ride.

Pasta or potato salad: These are great because they don't need to be hot or cold. Once you arrive at your destination, the temperature of your food will be perfect. Try this whole-wheat pasta salad or this warm potato salad with arugula and string beans.

Another great choice is left over grilled vegetables. Like the salads above, they are also tasty at a sort of warm temperature and are a great source of energy to keep you going on the journey or for the journey back home. Find out how to grill vegetables like a pro here.

Prosciutto and cheese sandwiches or any cold cut and cheese on crusty baguette is great for really any picnic as it's easy to prepare, easy to pack up and very easy to eat. As well as a great source of fuel to keep you going.

Fresh berries like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries are a simple and easy dessert that will taste flavorful and juicy after being allowed to warm up on the ride.

Iced tea is a great accompaniment to any of these menu items, is quite refreshing and gives you that extra boost to continue traveling. Check out how to make the perfect pitcher of ice tea.


photo: Lauren Brooks