Lassi, a Food Lover’s Best Friend


With a tagline that's confident (if not a little bit cheeky), it's no wonder Monsieur Singh is making waves, but they sure have the product to. Lassi, a yogurt drink commonly consumed in India, is traditionally mixed with water and mildly salted. Sweet variations are mixed with fruit, and more medicinal versions often contain spices such as turmeric or cumin. The idea of consuming probiotics by drinking lassi was conceived by Ayurveda “Knowledge of Long Life”, Indian medicinal practices that provide a holistic approach to creating balance in one’s life, and the belief that the secret to good health lies in the stomach. Not only does the lassi combination promote digestive well-being, it is also purposed to provide mental and physical energy. Ok, so we know all the things it does good to our body--but we've never known anything to promote digestive health that tastes this yummy.

Owners of The Little Spice Bazaar in Mount Kisco, New York, Bonnie Saran and Karan Gera, who met while studying abroad in India, decided to add a lassi bar to their shop of Indian products and spices to share the lassi goodness with the rest of the world (or at least New York, for now). With the intention to present the most authentic and desirable lassi, Gera traveled to Kapurthala (the Paris of Punjab) to learn the traditional blending of ingredients as well as the reasons and health benefits behind them. With their sense of humor in good form, they named their lassi bar Monsieur (reference to French Culinary Arts) Singh(common name in Kapurthala).

At the bar they make several types of lassi and fresh juices with a blender designed especially to create that luscious lassi consistency. Their recipe consists of probiotic yogurt + healing herbs and/or spices + real fruit. Some of their most popular are the Mousson Mango (yogurt, mango mint, ginger, cane juice), Strawberry Blonde (yogurt, strawberry, basil, black pepper, cane juice), and Honey Lune (yogurt, honey, lemon juice, mint, cane juice). Not only are their lassi’s rich with unique flavor, and digestive healing, but they’ve creatively turned their lassi’s into lassi pops as well, and they can be found right here in NYC. Monsieur Singh’s very apropos bicycle-drawn pop cart has been spotted at 40th and Park Avenue, Madison Square Park, and Union Square.

I do recognize that we are still in the midst of winter, so I’ll be sticking to the lassis for now, but come Spring and Summer when my ice cream cravings are through the roof, I’m glad to know I have a refreshing, healthful and tasty lassi pop to lead my stomach’s balance into a peaceful, satisfied state. It's definitely worth checking out.

Monsieur Singh, 27 Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY; 914.218.3333;