Happy Hour: Green Juice Cocktails

photo by: roboppy With the juice trend sky rocketing, it was only a matter of time before green juice found its way into our cocktails.  But honestly what could be better than combining your after work wind down with a refreshing companion that's actually good for you. There is something about the mix of the two that seems just the right amount of wrong. It could be that it makes you feel less guilty to have that second cocktail. It could be the contrast of healthy vs. vice. It could even be that they cancel each other out. We're not exactly sure and yet that’s precisely why it is the perfect union.

My first encounter with this idea was at The Wayland in alphabet city, New York. They make a delicious “Garden Variety Margarita” with blue agave blanco tequila, ginger & kale juice, lime juice,
agave nectar and smoked sea salt. I know kale can put off many people, but in this case its nothing but inviting. All you have to do is give it a try.  As a fan of margaritas, I must say it was one of the best I’ve had, and I don’t doubt that the greens had much to do with it. The kale and ginger juice gives the cocktail a light, refreshing quality that is often times, for margaritas, not the case. We all know that nauseating effect sweet and sour mix can have, not to mention the nasty headache you're bound to have the next day. So for those of you who are juice cleanse crazy, looking for way to hide your vegetables, or even just to try something new, below are a few recommendations on how to make or where to find these Garden Fresh Delights!


photos left to right by: roboppy, jessicareeder, TerryBrock


Recipes to try at home with your spirit of choice:

A couple days ago I came across a current article on Details.com,  “Shut Up and Drink Your Salad: Cocktails Embrace Spinach, Kale, and Arugula” .  It made me realize that The Wayland and I are not the only ones that see this combination as the perfect marriage. In fact, some places have been doing it for years.

Places that will concoct these garden fresh libations for you:

The Wayland, NYC- The Garden Variety Margarita

LCL: Bar and Kitchen, NYC- The Green Dream

The Living Room Bar and Terrace, NYC- The 5 points


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