Eat like a President: Favorite Foods of our Commanders in Chief

With all the hubbub and rhetoric of the election, its easy to forget that Presidents are people too. And like all powerful people, they eat. In celebration of Barack Obama's continuation as P.O.T.U.S., we thought we'd share some Presidential favorites, those comfort foods past and present Commanders in Chief always reached for when the weight of the free world was on their shoulders.

John F. Kennedy: In line with his Boston roots, Kennedy was a huge fan of New England Classics. In quintessential Massachusetts style, his favorite meal included Clam Chowder, Corn Bread and Baked Beans.

Jimmy Carter: This Georgia boy was known to always enjoy southern favorites, like Corn Bread, Steak and everything to do with peanuts.

Ronald Reagan: If we had a licorice jelly bean recipe, we would post it and thus successfully explain the majority of Reagan's eating habits. But, alas, we do not, so these recipes for chocolate cake, chocolate cookies and fudge brownies, Reagan's second favorite food group, will have to do.

George Bush:  Hot sauce, hot sauce, hot sauce - he put it on everything, except green foods. (Bush was particularly averse to broccoli)

Bill Clinton: Besides his (in)famous proclivity for McDonald's, Clinton often asked the White House Chefs to make him Steak and Onion Rings to satisfy his salty cravings.

George W. Bush: Like father like son, Bush Jr. wasn't a big fan of vegetables, but he did bring a taste for beef tenderloin and all things Tex-Mex to the White House dinner table.

Barack Obama: According to Michelle, the President is a huge chili fan and always partakes in heaping piles of vegetables at dinner time. But his drive to eat healthy hasn't stopped him from indulging in a hamburger or two, all for the sake of diplomacy of course.

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