The Modern Pantry: Marshall's Haute Sauce

  Sarah and her husband at the Farmer's Market

"We bring sauce to the people" and man do they ever! With sauces like Habanero Carrot Curry, Red Chili Lime and Serrano Ginger Lemongrass this husband and wife team, located in Portland, Oregon, have created a sauce generation like no other. Inspired by her mother's canning ways, Sarah has kept the tradition alive. These sauces are the perfect example of How To Eat Locally in the Winter or anytime for that matter. And it all started with the intent to bring the freshest ingredients together and pour them all over your favorite dishes.

Sarah, along with the help of her husband, create, produce, and sell a unique line of small-batch hot sauces that come from familiar territory. "We work farmers markets and are able to know the farmers that grow the vegetables that go into our sauces," says Sarah. They also wanted to support other local artisan producers and therefore exclusively use Jacobsen salt and Bee Local honey. Therefore all of their sauces are made with only fresh, local vegetables, vinegar, spices, sugar, sometimes fresh local honey, and always an extra spoonful of TLC.

Fire and flavor. A killer combination.

Where to purchase these succulent sauces: