Small Small - Proudly Sourced From Ethiopia

Word is out about new food company and social enterprise called Small Small, and we couldn’t be more excited to highlight their mission. Aimed at bringing Ethiopian food culture to a broader scale, Small Small’s first project is selling traditional hot sauce and Berbere spice sourced directly from Ethiopia.

Berbere is a chili-spice blend that is essential to many Ethiopian dishes, which is also used to season the Fried Yard Bird at Red Rooster. The inspiration for the hot sauce is a red pepper sauce called awaze, which is the most popular sauce in the country. A portion of each sale from Small Small goes to a program that teaches modern agriculture to the Ethiopian farmers where the resources are coming from, so that they grow better crops, become more stable, and increase profitability.

Before founding Small Small, founder George Roche worked as a management consultant with a focus on food security and agriculture. Through his experience, he realized that investment dollars to the food and agriculture sphere in developing countries were not going towards long-term improvements. A trip to Africa sparked his concept to come up with a novel way of tackling such a problem. Despite all the food problems and lack of food security in Africa, there was still such a vibrant and vital food culture. Roche wanted to bring that experience and culture back to the US, where he felt he could apply that vibrancy on a larger scale and give back to the farmers who are providing us with such an adventurous and authentic culinary experience. The name 'Small Small' comes from a commonly used African idiom meaning "little by little".  It's the perfect way to describe the goal of the company, which is to make a small change with every purchase.

Photos courtesy of Small Small