For the Aspiring Chefs...

Whether you have a chef-in-training or are just looking to get your kids involved in the kitchen, these aprons from Odette Williams are the perfect fit for your little ones. Each set includes an apron, mit, and 3 wooden utensils to get little chefs ready to tackle just about any cooking or baking project.


It's so important to get kids involved in the kitchen as early as possible, as discussed in Marcus's latest Huffington Post article "Is Your Child the Next Great Chef?" and as we have seen a wonderful example of this in schools like St. Philips Academy, with their Healthy Lunch Program. Teaching kids how to cook early on is an invaluable skill that will translate into smart and healthy eating as they grow up. We think these aprons are not only cute, but a great way to get your kids excited about helping you in the kitchen.

You can find the apron sets here.