Back to the Roots Aquaponics Kit

  Photo courtesy of Back to the Roots

The option of growing your own food just got easier and more exciting thanks to Back To The Roots’ AquaFarm. This self-cleaning aquaponic aquarium and garden makes it easy to grow a variety of greens, and keep a fish. You may know this company for their grow-it-yourself mushroom kits, but Back to the Roots’ at-home aquaponic sets bring indoor farming to a whole new approachable level.

Photo courtesy of Back to the Roots

The system is 100% self sustainable. You can grow organic baby greens, basil, beans, mint, parsley, and thyme right on top of the tank. It works like this, an electric pump moves ammonia-rich waste from the fish tank through a closed loop system to sustain the plants. Then, the greens that shoot-up on  top of the tank clean the water, and pump it back down to the fish. Basically, the fish waste water gets upcycled and used to help the plants grow, and then the greens clean the water so you don’t have to maintain the tank.

The counter top system makes indoor farming easy to do in your home, office, or classroom. All you need is a decent amount of sunlight, an electric outlet, and water. The kit includes everything you need to create a small scale aqua farm: one 3-gallon tank, basil, lettuce, and wheatgrass seeds from Seeds of Change, pots that grow the seeds; gravel for the tank and pots, fish food, water conditioner, and a Petco coupon for a betta fish. One fish is all you need to cultivate enough waste to fertize five plants

You can purchase the AquaFarm for $60.00 from a variety of retailers online and from the Back to the Roots website. You do have to continue to buy conditioner and fish food, but hopefully the tank will pay for itself considering you can eat the vegetables and herbs that grow out of the top.