Future of Taste: The Motion Picture Experience

October's Future of Taste event with Chef Maxime Bilet brought cutting-edge culinary techniques to diners at Ginny's Supper Club. Along with the Delicious Science demonstration—teaching local schoolchildren—and its ensuing video, we now present the final installment in our Modernist Cuisine series.

Future of Taste from Marcus Samuelsson on Vimeo.

The night's menu was wild—bridging liquid nitrogen and sous-vide cookery with Chef Samuelsson soul-inspired food. We've already outlined the experience of the dinner, but now we can all get an exclusive look into the kitchen that night. See how Ginny's cooks used liquid nitrogen to shuck oysters and create "dippin' dots" ice cream. On the other end of the heat spectrum, Chef Maxime cooked steak in a hot water bath, and then blow-torched the exterior for that tempting Maillard reaction.

For more behind-the-scenes images, click through the slideshow below:


Camera: Joseph Hernandez

Photos: Monika Sziladi, Jeannette Park

Editor: Joel Kahn

Music: Krackatoa Small Radio