Marcus's Tip: How to Test the Freshness of Your Fish

Growing up on the west coast of Sweden, we would head to our family home in Smögen where my father and I would fish for hours in the morning. Whatever we would catch, we would sell a third of our pile, give a third away to our neighbors and friends, and smoke the rest for our own supply. I was lucky enough to have access to the best salmon, herring and mackerel, so freshness was never an issue. Living in New York, however, you have to rely on a good fishmonger and some basic tips below to know how to test the freshness of your fish.

TIP ONE: When you see a whole fish, the eyes should be absolutely clear. If the eyes look grayish, it's an older piece of fish.

TIP TWO: Fresh fish has firm flesh. Press down on a piece of fish and if the flesh springs back it's fresh. But if it feels rubbery, it's old.

TIP THREE: Always buy fish that smells of the ocean and use your fish within 2 days of purchase, or wrap it thoroughly and freeze it for no more than 4 weeks.

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