Leftover Lunch: Cauliflower Rice

A cauliflower steak is a great Sunday lunch for me--healthy, crispy, well-matched to any salad. I take a head of cauliflower and slice it into 1-in. thick slices, sear it on the stove with a healthy dose of olive oil and seasoning, and into the oven it goes to finish cooking.

Unfortunately, I only needed one cauliflower slice today, which left me with almost a whole head left.

The solution (and tomorrow's lunch): Cauliflower Rice. It's certainly not a lunch on its own, but this refined starch substitute can be the base to many.

And it's easy to make: Start out by sautéeing a finely chopped white onion. Grate the cauliflower or chop in a food processor until it resembles cooked rice. If it feels wet, gently press out excess moisture with a paper towel. Add it to the pan with the onion, and continue to sauté, stirring, for one to two minutes. (At this point, I also melted a small pat of butter, which really, really made it.)

Tip: The sautéed onion adds a lot of flavor, but it still needs a lot more salt, pepper, and spices of your choice.

I will use the "rice" as a base for more than one lunch this week, for sure, because a little goes a long way. With roasted vegetables, stews, and salads (read: other leftovers), this won't be a lunch to be ashamed of.

Photo: Kirybabe

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