How To Make Quick Jam

Photo: julochka I always find that when I venture through the farmers market, I always seem to buy fruits and vegetables I wouldn't ordinarily buy. The strawberries, the blueberries, and every piece of fruit in between always looks so amazingly fresh at the farmers market that I get home and have an abundance, and of course you never want this beautiful fruit to spoil. Spoiling is wishful thinking, and you need to think fast on how to savor this seasons farmers market harvest. This is where quick jam fits in perfectly. Making a quick jam solves so many wonderful problems and also uses up all of the fruit you so anxiously bought. Whether it be spooned on top of hot waffles or the tomato jam served with the corn bread at Red Rooster Harlem, jam can add a nice touch to a variety of things. Here are a few quick and easy tips for making quick jam at home. 

You Already Have Half of What You Need:

Making quick jam is really easy once you realize you are actually half way there. There is no need to boil jars, sealing tops or any of those intricate details. What you need is already in your kitchen. A large pot to boil the fruit, a spoon, and a jar to keep your jam in, is really all that's required.

Small and Personalized:

When making quick jams, it's better to make them in small batches. Using 1-2 pounds of fruit at a time is ideal. This helps keep the jam consistent  and also with smaller batches you can experiment with flavors. Strawberry jalapeño jam? Blueberry lime? Peach and chilies? Working in small batches will allow you to have variation and will also help when using up all of your farmers market finds.

Let's Jam:

For a quick jam, all you need is fruit, sugar and lemon juice. A key step in making quick jam is simmering or boiling the fruit, sugar and lemon together, but also allowing it to cool completely. As it cools, the jam will thicken and congeal, which is exactly what you need it to do, so you can smear it on your morning toast.

Here are 4 recipes that can accompany your jam! 

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