How To Make Popsicles at Home

Experiment with flavors and add-ins to make your popsicles personal to your whims. (Photo: roboppy) In the heat, there are only a few things that can make the heat enjoyable. A view of the ocean, an ice cold drink, and a flavorful popsicle, just to name a few. When the temperature is over 90 degrees, a popsicle is the perfect way to cool your body down and also sneak in a tasty treat. Popsicles are an all-time favorite, but a sugary box with grape, orange, and cherry flavors just aren't cutting it anymore. Different flavors, teas, spices, and sweeteners can all be added  to your popsicle of choice when you make them at home. Making these warm weather favorites are quick and easy. Here are some tips on making popsicles at home. 

With or Without: 

Homemade popsicles are easy to make no matter what time of day. A few ingredients and a few options will have your freezer stocked with popsicles for the entire summer. The primary tool for making popsicles, naturally, is a popsicle maker. Truthfully, popsicles can be made in anything ranging from an actually popsicle maker of any shape, size and mold, a small narrow cup, or even ice cube trays that you already have in your freezer. If you are using cups versus a traditional popsicle mold, it will be great help to have some plastic wrap on hand as well. A layer of plastic wrap over the molds, then inserting the popsicle sticks through the plastic will help the sticks stay in place when freezing. Another option for making popsicles without molds are, partially freeze your filling in the molds for about 30 minutes, and then add the popsicle stick. This will help the stick stay in place and not lean to one side. When filling the molds or cups with your desired flavors, pour filling from a pitcher or something with a spout that will allow you to pour directly in the mold. This helps control your pour and helps with the ease of clean up.


The great thing about making popsicles at home is the flavors you can create. Whether fruit based or dairy based, these decisions can be mixed and matched to how you like them. Fruit, Dairy, and Sweeteners are the 3 main things that can compose a great popsicle. A water based popsicle has no dairy, and fruit is the main component, where as a dairy-based popsicle can be rich and creamy with the help of milk, yogurt, or even Greek yogurt. Sugar, agave nectar, and honey can be added in to combat the sugary sweetness of conventional store-bought popsicles.

An Ice Cold Treat: 

Now that you are a popsicle flavor master, it's time to eat them. When completely frozen solid, run the mold or cup under warm water for just a few minutes. This helps release the popsicle from the mold so you can pull them out easier. Popsicles will last in the freezer for a few weeks or you can unmold them and wrap them individually and freeze them.

For an extra kick, make adult-only poptails-- cocktails in popsicle form.