How to Fry an Egg

eggs, fry, how to Sometimes the simplest thing to do can also be the hardest. I know I'm not the only one who has suffered many mornings with broken yolks, wiggling whites, and brown chewy bites for breakfast. Yes, I'm talking eggs. A fried egg is a one of life's great minimal treasures and if done correctly can be added to any breakfast or sit atop any other delectable dish including sandwiches and pasta. These 3 easy steps will perfect your fried egg just in time for tomorrow's breakfast. 

Skillet Talk: 

The right pan will impact your perfectly fried egg. Ideally, a non-stick pan will work best. It provides a great even cooking and the non-stick helps the egg slide out of the pan and onto your plate. A well seasoned cast iron skillet is also another great egg pan as well. If only stainless steel pans are available, just add a little extra cooking fat to prevent eggs from sticking and tearing. Place your skillet over a medium flame, and make sure your skillet is hot before adding your eggs.

Cooking Agent: 

...As in fat. Eggs love fat! Any fat can be used to fry the perfect egg. Butter is always welcomed but any thing from olive oil to cooking spray, even delicious rendered duck fat can be used to coat the skillet.

Top It Off: 

Once you slowly lower your egg in your heated skillet, don't touch it. Eggs dont like to be touched. Allow for your egg to begin to cook and set. You will know your egg is ready when the whites are completely set and it is no longer clear. The edges will curl and your egg is now ready to be enjoyed. Season with a sprinkling of salt and pepper and add to your favorite meal.

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