The Modern Pantry: Bluebird Grain Farms

Sam Lucy carefully inspecting his crops "For us [Sam Lucy and his family], bluebirds are a reminder that every single thing we do as farmers is connected to—and impacts—the environment at large. We believe that nutritious food produced from nature is the cornerstone of a healthy community. And we take pride in making great food available to our friends, our neighbors, and you."

Bluebird Grain Farms uses nothing but the most ideal terrior to produce the most ideal grain. The finest 100% organic grains from balanced soil. They understand that health soil makes healthy, nutrient dense foods and strive to give their customers and community the very best.


Sam and Brooke Lucy

Owners Sam and Brooke Lucy met walking their dogs in the very place that is now the Bluebird farms. So you just know those fields are filled with nothing but love. Sam does most of the farming, and oversees grainary and mill. Brooke runs the PR, sales and marketing as well as the packaging for each product. Even the kids and dogs pitch in! It truly is a family effort.

Their signature product is Bluebird Emmer (commonly known as Farro) grown biodynamically from Bluebird’s own heirloom seed in pristine Methow Valley soil. Emmer's chewy texture and nutty flavor can soup-up any rice dish like this Turmeric and Dried Fruit Spiced Rice Recipe.

You can even join their CSA and enjoy their fabulously family nurtured grains all year long. For more information, check out their web site:

Need some ideas for your new found farro facination?

Photos courtesy of Bluebird Grain Farms