Healthy Eating Starts at Home

Photo Courtesy of Marcus I got my start as a chef cooking alongside my grandmother, which is why I will always have Helga's Meatballs on my menu at Red Rooster. Grandma Helga taught me how to roast a perfect chicken, make the fluffiest dumpling, and how to cook by building flavors. She also showed her love for me by taking the time to teach me step-by-step until I got it right. Her patience and care is the reason I grew up loving to cook and I am so honored that I have been able to cook for presidents, kings, neighbors and my wife. Time spent over food and conversation means everything to me.

It has been said that when children cook with their parents at a young age, it helps develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Parents can introduce new vegetables and proteins to their children and also make it fun by doing it together. That is why I am proud to be partnering with the UNCLE BEN’S brand to help make it a little bit easier for families to establish healthy beginnings for their children.

Of course, creating healthy habits in your children is important – but we understand that we all live busy lives and dinnertime can be hectic – so here’s a little extra incentive: the Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest.

UNCLE BEN’S wants to help inspire you to get in the kitchen with your families and they are giving away more than $165k in cash and prizes to help “inspire” you. Shoot a short video of you and your child cooking together and enter to win at! Get your child excited about eating healthy foods and everybody wins. And that is something I can really get excited about!

To add my own blend of inspiration, here is a flavorful family-friendly dish to help you and your family get the most out of the end of summer! Enjoy!

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