Lemonade Takes a Stand to Save a Library

The Neighborhood School, located at 121 East Third Street in the Lower East Side is an educational experience committed to increasing the diversity, tolerance and familiarity between underrepresented children of all ages. This progressive school stands by the belief that the more face-to-face lessons children have with their surroundings, the more understanding and compassion they have for the vibrant cultural richness that encapsulates New York.

Unfortunately, this severely under-funded school is facing a major setback--the loss of its library. A New York Times op-ed piece earlier this week  brought this issue to the forefront. While The Neighborhood School has been consistently gutted and has made no new furniture or curriculum purchases in the past two years, the threat of losing access to vital educational resources and communal knowledge warrants the need for a major fundraiser. In collaboration with The Bean, families of TNS students are hosting a "Save the Library" lemonade stand and fundraiser today, June 7th. Crafts, raffle tickets, prizes and of course, lemonade will just be some of the goodies ready to go for a worthy cause. Eager to help, Marcus also provided TNS with a very special Ginger-Mint Limeade recipe that the kids will be preparing for the lemonade stand. Stop by and try some!

This much deserving school is in desperate need for the funds to sustain a school staple that many people take for granted. A virtual right for any child is access to books and the priceless gift of knowledge. If you're in the area today, we hope you can stop by and help this worthy cause.

To find out how you can help, visit The Neighborhood School's web site here.