Simpatica Supper Club, Portland, Oregon

If you search the Internet for the meaning of a supper club, you will find a definition from the 1920s, defining supper club as a "nightclub, especially a small, luxurious one." Nowadays, a supper club has a different meaning, ranging from a private club of diners feasting on immaculately prepared multi-course meals in a private home, or even on the subway!  One Portland, Oregon supper club has existed since before the recent hype. Started in 2004, Benjamin Dyer and John Gorman started Simpatica Dining Hall and Catering in Portland, Oregon. In 2005, Jason Owens came on board and is now chef and part-owner. Preparing every dish from scratch and dinner and brunch only by reservation, Simpatica has become a go-to for all types of fine foods especially featuring those from the Pacific Northwest. Along with Portland-native, Chef Dave Kreifels, Dyer now owns Laurelhurst Market, part-charcuterie and part-steakhouse, which specializes in cured meats, pates and sausages.

The owners have established a relaxed and affordable way to have good eats. They keep the menu seasonal and dynamic, changing it repeatedly to keep customers on their toes, and rely heavily on local produce, meats and fish. So if you're vegetarian, be sure to call ahead of time to let them know. The atmosphere is another reason to go check it out; you sit at communal tables, which allows you to really focus on the art of the dining experience. Visit Simpatica's website for more details.

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