Four Food Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

It can be tough to keep track of all the food-related blogs, news outlets, and websites out there to get your daily fix. So why not have food news delivered to your inbox for easy access on the go? Here are four great food newsletters you definitely should check out. Tasting Table This daily newsletter delivers national news on restaurants, food movements, and gourmet vendors, complete with fun photos and an easy-to-read layout. You can also subscribe to city-specific newsletters for New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and D.C.!

Eater Eater is a restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog that also delivers a fun national newsletter as well as location-based news for major cities. Eater often features quirky news articles that might slip under your radar otherwise, so subscribe to stay in the loop!

Food+Tech Bytes A newsletter affiliated with Food+Tech Connect, subscribers can get features and news updates on the growing intersection of food and technology. There's also a built-in job board feature that allows users to peruse jobs that link food and tech.  The newsletter only arrives once weekly, giving you the need to know digest of the latest news.

Tutti Foodie Tutti Foodie is a site dedicated to sustainable and adventurous eating. Subscribe to their weekly newsletter to get info on food-based travel adventures, unique recipes, and more.

What food newsletters do you subscribe to?