Ralph Lauren Polo Survival Guide: How to Cook

Ralph Lauren How to Cook When I opened Rooster, I took to Twitter to ask my fans how I should decorate the restaurant. Should I use vintage or new plates? Should I have live music in the space every night? Food I know, but opening a new restaurant in Harlem was a challenge and it was so great I could rely on people who knew a thing or two more about lighting fixtures to guide me through the process.

Social Media is an incredible way to get and give advice, and I was so honored and thrilled to be a part of the “Polo Ralph Lauren Survival Guide” Instagram Mini-Series. When the ask comes from the man whose suits I love to wear for a special occasion, I found it fascinating that the company could produce these amazing 15-second videos, not by shooting them in some fancy studio with expensive cameras, but all on an iPhone. Plus, what man doesn’t need to know how to survive in the wilderness when you have a beautiful girl as your guest in your tent?

How to Cook

If you haven’t seen these videos, you have to check them out. Nine Instagram videos give tutorials on How to Fish, How to Pitch a Tent, and even How to Start a Fire. Of course my contribution was How to Cook and it’s pretty cool what we could show in just 15 seconds, including a quick showing of how to filet a fish. Luckily they got a model to play the survivor man—although having spent summers in a Swedish fishing town, I probably could give some tips on How to Fish. (Hint: I don’t think I could keep a cashmere sweater that clean while fishing on my Uncle Torsten’s boat.) You can see the video below:

Tips 1-5: 1. Prepare a clean surface. 2. Carefully filet your catch. 3. Toss the filet into a hot iron skillet. 4. Add oil, fresh herbs and lemon. 5. Present with pride.

Each short is a highly stylized episode that tells the story of an intrepid Polo RL explorer on a weekend adventure and the various challenges and activities he encounters along the journey. There's even a segment on how to saber a champagne bottle with a buck knife. While they rolled out individually, they’re meant to be viewed consecutively as a cohesive narrative. (You have to check out the hand-whittled chopsticks.)

For a man who is constantly innovating, Ralph Lauren does it again with the recently re-launched Polo Ralph Lauren digital campaigns. As everything the company does, it’s shot beautifully inspired by those looking to be a “Modern Explorer” or “Country Gentleman”.

My segment debuted on Saturday and you can watch it below, or view the whole series on the Ralph Lauren Instagram page and see the “Polo Survival Guide” videos. And to get the recipe for the Pan Seared Lake Trout I prepared, CLICK HERE.