Model Elettra Wiedemann Launches Pop-up Restaurant For NY Fashion Week

We don't often think about food when we think of fashion and models. If anything, we usually think quite the opposite, as in avoidance of food. These same thoughts have led to much criticism in the fashion industry for overly-thin models and eating disorders. Pressure from the fashion industry, inappropriate food choices, and unavailability of good food options during fashion shows lead to poor eating by models, says Isabella Rossellini's model daughter, Elettra Wiedemann. This is why Wiedemann is launching a pop-up restaurant for four days during NY Fashion Week at Robert's Restaurant at the Museum of Arts and Design from February 11th to 14th.

According to Daily Mail UK, the pop-up named Goodness was started by Elettra in order to "accentuate the importance of mentors and maintaining balance when it comes to outside interests," including her own interest of proper nutrition and health. The pop-up will feature 4 top chefs, including Mario Batali, Leo Forneas of Robert, Alain Allegretti of La Promenade des Anglais and Julian Medina of Toloache, serving up cuisines from Italian to Mexican.

The face of Lancome, Elettra is so interested in food that her interest led her to completing a two-year Masters Degree at LSE in which her dissertation focused on the future of feeding urban populations. Having left the catwalk, she now spends much of her time modeling for campaigns and editorial shoots - as well as traveling and training for a triathlon. Activities such as her triathlon help her stay fit as well as focus on health. She plans to showcase her healthy eating initiative as well as couture cuisine during her Goodness pop-up restaurant.

Goodness at New York Fashion Week will be open February 11th-14th from 11am to 3pm at 2 Columbuc Circle. For more information visit

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Street Fashion: An Interview With Robin's Jeans

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

During the month of October, We're featuring all aspects of street and urban culture, everything from food and fashion, to music and art. Today, we're featuring some of the hottest jeans that can be seen all over the streets today, Robin's Jeans.

Robin's Jean designer, Robin Chretien had a vision many years ago. Now, after five years of developing the denim brand, Robin's Jean, the company continues to flourish. The brand is sold in over 800 specialty stores in America, such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue, and is internationally distributed to prominent retailers. The goal of the brand is to create a relaxed, comfortable, carefree pair of jeans you never want to take off. Having made an impression on the likes of many celebrities, Chretien continually demonstrates how his creative designs and sexy, yet comfortable looks are loved by all. Thanks to the gold wings brand logo you will be able to spot a pair of Robin's Jean walking along the streets of the world. We met up with Kim Dillard, the Head of Public Relations at Robin's Jean to ask her a little bit about the company and here's what we she had to say.

Define for us what Robin's Jeans is all about.

Robin's Jean is a denim brand that was created in 2005 by designer, Robin Chretien. His experience as Designer of Blue Cult Jeans and as Head Designer of Hudson Jeans, prepared him to create his own denim line that expressed his vision and personal dreams. It's a brand for people who make their own rules rather than follow them.

Has Robin designed the jeans with a particular image or style in mind?

Robin's inspiration is motorcycles, vintage cars and old Hollywood cinema mixed with Native American influences. A set of gold wings, which represent freedom and flight, is the brand logo.

Having the brand throughout the world, are the jeans catered to the fashion of the particular country they are sold in?

The Robin's Jean collection is very extensive and although the offer is the same for each country, it's clear that things trend differently all over the world. For example, Scandinavia selects colors and prints that are different from the US. Hong Kong prefers more Swarovski crystal detailing on their jeans, than Australia. So, we cater to each country by customizing their selection and tailoring to their market.

With Robin's Jeans being on such notable celebrities, such as Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian, would you say this has expanded your audience of buyers? If so, how and why?

That's a good question. I think that celebrities bring positive awareness to our brand when they choose to wear Robin's Jean. The entertainment industry has really taken a liking to Robin's Jean because we offer a lot of styles that have studding, coated denim that look like leather, and also Swarovski crystal detailing.

What is your favorite pair of Robin's Jeans?

My favorite pair of Robin's Jean are the Garbot in stretch cotton poplin. It's the most comfortable and flattering pair of jeans I've ever worn!

Photos: Robin's Jeans

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My Signature Shoe Collection for MOZO

We've featured numerous fashion articles on my site this month and how fashion relates to food. If MOZO shoes aren't a great example of the combination of the two, then I don't know what is! MOZO is an extraordinary line of high performance footwear designed, not only for chefs, but for all those who want comfort while working a high demand job on your feet. I'm honored to be a part of their latest collection called "Chef Cabinet." Along with fellow Chefs Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino, I worked with them to design my own line of signature chef shoes. With MOZO's help, I designed three signature styles, the "Uptown", the "Madison", and the "Downtown". I designed them with functionality as well as Harlem style in mind. Check them all out here.

Also, check out my video below, on my collaboration with MOZO.

[vsw id="23972032" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

I wear the "Downtown" pair all the time. Which one is your favorite design?

Food-Inspired Jewelry: The Next Big Craze

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Jewelry will always be a thing of the past, present, and future. It is something we all stay afloat on the latest trends in hopes finding new ways to adorn ourselves. What has now become the new craze for food and jewelry lovers alike is food-inspired jewelry. Gone are the days of your children making you cereal necklaces, and in is purchasing a piece of jewelry that has gained inspiration from your children's unique interpretations of what jewelry is.

Various artists from around the world have taken a liking to diving into the food-inspired jewelry movement and have been ever so successful in doing so. From sweet corn earrings to a crunchy pretzel necklace, Israeli artist Shay Aaron has developed unique miniature food shaped jewelry. The jewelry created by Shay latches onto the concept of children's dollhouse foods and looks to be of that nature, of course all the while making it somewhat sophisticated for all to wear.

Sticking to being inspired by children, Kali Arulpragasm, a jewelry artist is all about developing beautiful, sophisticated food-inspired jewelry all in the name of raising awareness for Oxfam International.  Her 'Hunger Jewelry Line' looks to the cereal necklaces and takes that idea 1,000 steps forward. She uniquely takes a variety of edible items such as black beans, lentils, and wheat and transforms them into sterling silver or plated gold fashion pieces. The proceeds aim to raise awareness of the world's hunger crisis. As we have continued to report on the hunger crisis around the world we are once again ever so grateful for those who have supported up at The Brunch for the Horn of Africa. Not only are artists around the world trying to make a difference, but also we are too by continually developing new ways to end the famine crisis in East Africa.

Food-inspired jewelry may be a thing of today, but taking it one step further by creating awareness of the hunger crisis is a thing of the future.

Would you ever purchase food-inspired jewelry?

Photo: sugar plum0

The Art of Food Styling: Tricks of the Trade

Have you ever wondered how billboards, magazines, websites, commercials and cookbooks make food look so delicious and meticulously perfect? It is all thanks to food stylists around the world. A food stylist is someone who prepares and masters the art of creating the perfect dish all in the name of good photography. A food stylist needs to be able to translate the perception of aroma, appeal, and taste to the viewer's eye in one photo. Certainly an art form!

The food stylist scours the neighborhood to find the best looking fresh market vegetables, strategically finds a good venue, and has to master how to make that stir-fry look even more delicious then the next. This type of styling is of a very meticulous nature as they not only need to correctly proportion the vegetables in the stir-fry but also need to ensure that the crispness, sauciness, and deliciousness of the dish is showcased.

There are various styling techniques that the stylist takes into account depending on the food they are trying to make perfect. As noted in "The Dirty Tricks of Food Photography" there are many mindboggling tricks of the trade to create that perfect dish. Try some of these tricks out to master the art of food styling, spray deodorant on grapes to give a frosty veneer to them, use hairspray to give new life to a piece of drying-out cake, or use brown shoe polish to create that 'just-out-of-the-roaster succulent appeal to raw meat. The list goes on and on to ensure a food stylist's next meal is crafted flawlessly to ensure that product is sold in seconds.

Take a look at anyone of our recipes to see if you can figure out what food styling techniques were used for each of the photographs. I bet the food stylist for the Blackberry and Apple Crumble Recipe used a blowtorch to ensure the crumble had the perfect amount of 'crumble' to the photograph.

How would you rate your food styling abilities?