Marcus's Tip: How to Test Your Meat and Steak

Being lucky enough to have a decent sized patio attached to my apartment, I love to grill steaks whenever I can. While some home cooks like to rely on a meat thermometer to ensure they get their cut just right, I just use the best tool I have around--my hand. Check out the illustration above and the instructions below as a, well, handy guide to how to test your meat and steak. 

1. Push down on the surface of your steak with your finger. 2. With your other hand relaxed, push down on the fleshy parts to compare it to the doneness of your steak. For example: 3.  Want the steak rare? It should feel like the area between your thumb and forefinger. 4. Want the steak medium rare? It should feel like the fleshy part of your thumb. 5. Want the steak medium to medium well? It should feel like the firmer part between your thumb and palm. 6. Like it well done? It should be as firm as the outside of your thumb bone.