Daily Special: Chickety Split Sandwich


Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the technicalities of finely orchestrated foods, that we miss out on some delicious basics, like a sandwich. A sandwich can be a meal in itself consisting of all the elements you need for a devine meal. Today, chefs are making sandwiches from everything tasty right down to the type of lettuce that's used. Piled high with eggs for breakfast, a mountain of hot roast beef for lunch, or for dinner as a lazy saturday night meal, you can never go wrong with a sandwich. The chickety split sandwich at The NOOK inside of Red Rooster  is a meal in itself. It has all of the favorites in one sandwich.

Crispy boneless fried chicken thigh, spicy chili mayo, and bread and butter pickles sit together on top of the best bread ever...a soft, warm, and buttery split biscuit. This is one of my personal favorites from The NOOK. It fits all of the delicious categories of a perfectly composed sandwich, right down to the fresh squeeze of lime juice from the accompanied lime wedge. With spring right around the corner, its time to do away with the heavy soups and stews, and the chickety split sandwich is the perfect sandwich to get you ready for all of the new spring menu items.