The Modern Pantry: Bourbon Barrel Foods


"Slow...small... and simple." That's the way the people over at Bourbon Barrel Foods, located in Louisville, Kentucky ("The Gateway to Bourbon Country") have been able to make their products so unique. Here's a sample of their goods: smoked sea salt, worcestershire sauce, "mint julep" sugar (made with raw Demerara sugar and fresh mint powder) and their flagship product, the Bluegrass Soy Sauce, the last of which excites us most today. And here's why:

Bluegrass Soy Sauce, is the only small-batch soy sauce in the United States. Produced from 100% non-GMO, Kentucky-grown soybeans, roasted winter wheat and pure limestone filtered spring water (the secret ingredient to the world's best bourbons) this soy sauce is not only organic, but full of that rich oaked flavor. The barrels that the soy is brewed and aged in are received directly from Kentucky's finest Bourbon distilleries. As of now, they are known as the only producers to make soy sauce in this fashion: the Southern style.

To purchase Bluegrass Soy Sauce or check out there assortment of products, click the link below:

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Still curious? For more information, you may want to watch this brief video from Discovery Channel's, How It's Made program on what else? Soy Sauce.

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Photos courtesy of Bourbon Barrel Foods.