La Botteresse Brune & Brunet Cheese

Weekend Beer and Wine Recommendation

Last weekend, eight guests were due to arrive in 30 minutes.  I only had time to shop at one store.  I knew I wanted to serve cheese, but in New York, post-prohibition laws prohibit selling wine in a food shop, so wine was out as a complement.

I walked over to Bklyn Larder, a specialty food stop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and bought a wheel of Brunet, a tangy goat cheese with a rich, edible exterior.

I asked the counter person what beer would pair well and he suggested La Botteresse Brune, a spicy, aromatic beer with tastes of caramel, raspberries and spices.  It pairs deliciously the Brunet, a buttery, rich goat cheese perfect for small gathering.

As you slice through the creamy outer layer, you will find a bright, tangy center.  The contrast between rich and tangy is complemented by the refreshing, aromatic beer.

Instead of trekking to the wine store this weekend to entertain impromptu guests, make a visit to your local specialty foods shop for a wheel of Brunet cheese and some bottles of La Botteresse Brune.