Volunteer Park Cafe

People who are putting their hands into the earth and sharing long traditions with others impress me.  If you live in the Seattle area, or will be in that striking part of the country any time soon, I suggest stopping by Volunteer Park Cafe for a meal or the provisions in their homemade larder.

Long time friends Ericka Burke and Heather Earnhardt created a cafe that features creative takes on traditionally prepared food in an old Cafe/Grocery/Delicatessen.  During the day, you can find a place to find waffles, sandwiches and salads, and at night, the restaurant takes on a bistro feel.  Burke and Earnhardt host dinners with local farmers.  They keep a chicken coop in the backyard, and a garden.

Reading about their housemade glass-bottled sauce, cocoa-crusted salted-caramel tart, and even tomato poppy soup makes me wish I had a chance to visit this shop soon.  Many of their products seem gift-worthy in this holiday season!

Read more about the Volunteer Park Cafe here.