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I had such a good time appearing on Kelly & Michael in Washington, DC last week. They challenged me to make a dish using the beautiful fall Sweet Potato. I went "Swediopian" with it, adding some Ethiopian Berbere, keeping it chunky, and serving it with Swedish Meatballs and a Raw Kale Salad. This side dish would be a great way to add some flavor to any fall meal. Try it for Thanksgiving for a new take on a classic.

Get the recipe for my Chunky Mashed Sweet Potatoes here!

Careers Through Culinary Arts Program Fundraiser

Your Favorite Cooking Videos I first began my career as a chef at a local culinary school in Sweden. I've come a long way since then, but I will never forget how I got started...that's why I'm so proud to be involved with Careers Through Culinary Arts. The program hugely impacts the lives of underserved teenagers by helping them build careers in the culinary industry through education and career opportunities. In honor of the its 25th anniversary I want to raise $25,000 to help C-CAP continue this great work!

By making a donation you'll not only be supporting a great cause - you'll also be getting a chance to learn some new cooking skills yourself! Soon, I'll be whipping up a fresh batch of how-to videos, so donate what you can – even if it's just a dollar! – and leave your video suggestion in the comment field. If I pick your idea, I'll give you a shoutout in the video! Now's your chance to ask me how to slice, dice, flip, fry, finish or season ...

If you're feeling extra generous, donate $50+ and I'll send you a secret recipe that's not in any of my cookbooks. For the first 20 people who donate $150, you'll also get a signed Marcus Off Duty cookbook – and I'll even tell you which dish I think you should cook first. And, for those who really want to splurge on this very worthy cause...if you are the first person to donate $5,000 I will personally host a private game night with delicious food and drinks for you and nine friends at The Coop in my new restaurant, Streetbird Rotisserie. By the way, I'm really good at foosball so come prepared.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and for helping to support these dedicated youths realize their dreams.

Future of Taste: The Motion Picture Experience

October's Future of Taste event with Chef Maxime Bilet brought cutting-edge culinary techniques to diners at Ginny's Supper Club. Along with the Delicious Science demonstration—teaching local schoolchildren—and its ensuing video, we now present the final installment in our Modernist Cuisine series.

Future of Taste from Marcus Samuelsson on Vimeo.

The night's menu was wild—bridging liquid nitrogen and sous-vide cookery with Chef Samuelsson soul-inspired food. We've already outlined the experience of the dinner, but now we can all get an exclusive look into the kitchen that night. See how Ginny's cooks used liquid nitrogen to shuck oysters and create "dippin' dots" ice cream. On the other end of the heat spectrum, Chef Maxime cooked steak in a hot water bath, and then blow-torched the exterior for that tempting Maillard reaction.

For more behind-the-scenes images, click through the slideshow below:


Camera: Joseph Hernandez

Photos: Monika Sziladi, Jeannette Park

Editor: Joel Kahn

Music: Krackatoa Small Radio

Ginny's & Juice: The Classic Daiquiri

Ginny's & Juice: The Classic Daiquiri from Marcus Samuelsson on Vimeo.

Grab your bowler hat and a chilled cocktail glass as Ginny's Supper Club jumps back in time with this recipe for the perfect Daiquiri. Bartender David Powell—rather dapperly dressed—outlines the equipment essential for a fully stocked bar, and shows the technique for constructing this timeless beverage. Though the video is styled like a silent movie, it's best to let it speak for itself.

For the Classic Daiquiri recipe, click here.

Bartender: David Powell

Music: Akashic Records Moore and Gardner

Camera: Joel Kahn

Editor: Joel Kahn

YMCA Grosvenor House Gets Rescued

For the past few months I worked with George Oliphant and the "George to the Rescue" team to rebuild the kitchen at the YMCA Grosvenor House. Grosvenor Neighborhood House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and their families gain economic and personal self-sufficiency, and they provide year-round educational and recreational services. They also provide food education to the children so you can only imagine how important a proper kitchen is for their daily needs.

You should have seen this kitchen when we first walked in. Budgetary concerns had limited the Grosvenor House's ability to update any appliances and the grill was caked with rust. You wouldn't even want to eat an apple in that kitchen. To make matters worse, when George and contractor Stephen Fanuka inspected the area, they found abestos in the ceiling.

But with the magic of NBC and a dedicated team, the results were amazing.....just amazing. I helped George select pantry and fresh food items from Fairway and we loaded up the new kitchen with fruits, veggies, healthy grains, and all the equipment the Y was missing. And you should have seen the kids faces when they saw the reveal--these children are so precocious and it was so great to know they now have a place to learn how to cook healthy and nutritious meals. It takes just one family member to start a cycle of healthy change, and I know these children at the Grosvenor House will do just that.

If you missed the show, you can still catch the full episode below:

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