The Modern Pantry: Tin Mustard

With a need for an accoutrement to a charcuterie board during service, Tin Dizdarevic, a Colicchio vet, quickly improvised and came up with this "caviar pop" grainy mustard. With simple, natural ingredients to back it up, the texture is really what makes this condiment shine in an array of dishes.

A great partner to its original mate, charcuterie, Tin Mustard is also great in vinaigrettes, on grilled meats or an all-American hot dog. Add it to this grilled sausage and pepper sandwich or a healthy and simple green salad with shake and pour vinaigrette (made) in a jar. They guarantee it's so good, you can even eat it solo from the spoon. Let's just say, Tin has taken The Mustard Revolution to a whole new level.

The company is run by Tin himself along with creative professional, David Ostroff and marketing specialist, Jan Dizdarevic . Tin Mustard is sweeping the nation and can be found  from California to Florida, from Georgia to Washinton D.C. And of course in good old, trendy Brooklyn at places like The Bedford Cheese Shop and Bklyn Larder.


"The Caviar of Mustards"

Try it in this delicious roasted corn salad recipe, on your favorite sandwich or any of these dishes:

or like they say, "grab a spoon and dig into the jar of creamy mustard 'caviar' solo!"



To learn more about Tin Mustard or grab a jar of your own, click the link below:


Happy schmearing and spreading, dipping and dunking, dressing and marinading!